Bodrum American Hospital Message from the General Director

Dear Residents of Bodrum as well as foreign & domestic visitors. 

On July 2018, we started rendering healthcare services at Bodrum American Hospital - occupying the former Bodrum Hospital site which was founded in 1997- where residents and holiday visitors were safely treated and always felt as if they were residing at home.

The healthcare team trusted by residents of Bodrum for more than 20 years has been supplemented with high quality standards and experienced medical and administrative staff from the  American Hospital network creating something improved and exceptional. 

We have reformed the transparent and reliable patient care treatment from our value-oriented perspective by combining innovative approaches with the most up-to-date technology. 

We are tremendously happy to convey our almost one-century knowledge, skill and experience to Bodrum and we sincerely say welcome. 

Sincere regards,


General Director, VKV Healthcare Institutions